Hearing Aids

Intergrated Hearing has the style of hearing aid to comfortably fit your lifestyle and budget. Hearing aids come with many features available to enhance your quality of life.


Standard BTE (Behind the Ear)

Behind The EarIn this type of hearing aid, the mechanics of the piece are housed in a case that fits behind the ear. Sounds are captured by a tiny microphone and transmitted from the device through a tube that connects to the ear-mold, which fits inside the ear. BTE's are often better at the amplification process than smaller models because they have a larger amplifier and stronger battery.

mini BTE (Behind the Ear)

Behind The EarMini BTEs are designed to hide behind the outer ear, and have ultra-thin tubing to discreetly route sound into the ear. The tubing connects to a soft tip that sits in the ear canal but doesn't occlude it. The result is a natural, open feeling as airflow and sound enter the ear naturally around the tip, while amplified sound enters through the tip. This is known as "open fitting" and is recommended for mild to moderate high frequency losses.

Full Shell

Behind The EarA full-shell hearing aid is custom made and fills most of the bowl-shaped area of your outer ear. This style is helpful for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

Half Shell/In the Ear

Behind The EarThe Half Shell is a custom hearing aid that only fills about half the bowl of your ear. They are able to have a good deal of power and features, use a smaller battery, but are more cosmetically appealing.

Completely In the Canal (CIC)

Behind The EarCompletely in the canal hearing aids are the smallest of all the models that are available today. They fit completely into your ear canal and are virtually invisible to other people - usually only a small plastic wire protrudes from your canal and may be visible to people who are looking very closely at your ear. The plastic wire is necessary to enable you to pull the hearing aid out of your ear - it sits too far down the canal for you to be able to pull it out without the wire.



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